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Solving League City’s Water Supply Issue

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Over the past few years our city leaders have taken steps to try and solve our city’s water supply issues, however, the paltry steps they have taken thus far amount to little more than putting band-aids on a wound that requires stitches. The fact remains that League City does not have our own supply of water. Therefore we are beholden to the Cities of Houston and Pasadena to supply water to the citizens of League City. As we have experienced on several occasions in the last year alone, when there is an issue with the pipeline between Houston and League City, the citizens of League City are the one who pay the price.

When I am elected I will utilize the relationships I have built within all levels of government; city, county, state and federal to build a coalition to attempt to bring a desalination plant to North Galveston County. I believe the perfect location for this plant would be the site of the old power plant in Bacliff, Texas or adjacent to it since the infrastructure and access to the site are already in place.

I have experience building mutually beneficial alliances and negotiating multi-million dollar contracts with government agencies, energy companies and other stakeholders. When I’m elected I promise to put this experience to work at solving League City’s biggest problem – a reliable source of water for our families.

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