Elect Todd Kinsey

Vision, Leadership, Values


Handing out the game ball in a post-game team meeting. The Express was the 2005 League City Little League, Texas League Champion.

Todd and his wife Heather moved to League City in 2003 and have raised two sons who are now in college. Before moving to Texas, Todd served in the US Army and is a decorated veteran of the Gulf War. 

When Todd joined city council in 2012 the city had a number of problems, chief among them was the out of control spending that led to the city’s debt skyrocketing to nearly $280 million. Since joining council Todd has a number of achievements:

  • Elected Mayor Pro Tem by his peers. 
  • Paid down nearly $40 million in debt while making significant investments in infrastructure.   
  • Led a bipartisan group to pass the new animal shelter. 
  • Cut property taxes five times. 
  • Increased the homestead exemption 8%. 
  • Passed the cost of service model. 
  • Created a partnership with the Lakes of South Shore Harbour HOA to build over a mile long sidewalk along South Shore Blvd. 
  • Led a budget initiative to build sidewalks along Main Street in the Historic District. 
  • Salute to Heroes veterans benefit. 
  • Worked with staff to redesign hike & bike trail system which allowed the city to build more trails faster. 
That which matters most

My beautiful wife Heather and our sons Chris and Mat

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  1. Dear Mr. Kinsey,

    I was thrilled with your reply!

    Could you resend it? I lost it when I was trying to print it to show my family.

    Thank you,

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