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First Responders

As a combat veteran and an honor graduate of the U.S. Army Combat Lifesaver School, I understand the critical role that first responders play during an emergency. The brave men and women of our police and fire departments risk their lives every day to protect us. As leaders, one of the most important things we can do is to ensure that our people have the necessary tools to safely perform their jobs so they can get home to their families.

I pledge that I will always provide the maximum support to our police and fire departments. While I am a firm believer in limited government, I believe government’s most basic function is to protect its citizens.

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Solving League City’s Water Supply Issue

Over the past few years our city leaders have taken steps to try and solve our city’s water supply issues, however, the paltry steps they have taken thus far amount to little more than putting band-aids on a wound that requires stitches. The fact remains that League City does not have our own supply of water. Therefore we are beholden to the Cities of Houston and Pasadena to supply water to the citizens of League City. As we have experienced on several occasions in the last year alone, when there is an issue with the pipeline between Houston and League City, the citizens of League City are the one who pay the price.

When I am elected I will utilize the relationships I have built within all levels of government; city, county, state and federal to build a coalition to attempt to bring a desalination plant to North Galveston County. I believe the perfect location for this plant would be the site of the old power plant in Bacliff, Texas or adjacent to it since the infrastructure and access to the site are already in place.

I have experience building mutually beneficial alliances and negotiating multi-million dollar contracts with government agencies, energy companies and other stakeholders. When I’m elected I promise to put this experience to work at solving League City’s biggest problem – a reliable source of water for our families.

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Why should you vote for Todd?

The Kinsey Family.

Since moving to League City in the summer of 2003 my family and I have been active members of the League City community where we have donated both time and resources to the city we love.

During this time I have developed relationships with city and county officials which will allow me to hit the ground running when you elect me to city council in November.

Here are a few more of my accomplishments:

  •  Married to the same woman for twenty years and counting.
  • In 2006, after several of my neighbors had been involved in major car accidents, I led a group of South Shore Harbour residents to have the traffic light at the intersection of League City Parkway (Hwy. 96) and South Shore Blvd. turned on. We were successful in working with the city and the Texas Department of transportation to have the light activated in less than eight hours.
  • In 2011 I led a group of concerned League City Veterans and residents to encourage the city to hold a Veteran’s Day ceremony to honor the city’s brave men and women who faithfully served our country.
  • Served on the League City Charter Review Committee.
  • Served as Secretary of the League City Parks & Recreation Board.
  • Decorated for providing outstanding leadership while conducting combat operations during Operation Desert Storm.
  • Served two years on the Clear Falls High School JROTC Board.
  • Member of the Clear Falls High School Soccer Booster Club.
  • We have attended Clear Creek Community Church for nine years and counting.
  • Past President of the Galveston County Young Republicans.
  • Former Social Media Chair for Galveston County Republican Party.
  • Former Secretary of the Republican Network.
  • Given speeches on the dangers of the Obama economy and Keynesian economics.
  • Spoken before League City Council.
  • Spoken before Galveston County Commissioner’s Court.
  • Served as an intervener as part of GalvestonCounty’s redistricting lawsuit.
  • Won numerous awards as a sales and marketing professional.
  • Coached at League City Little League from 2004-2007 where I had the honor of coaching the 2005 Texas League, City Championship Team.
  • Coached at NASA Little League from 1993-1996 winning their first ever Senior League Championship and coached the NASA All-Stars to the Regional Finals.
  • Finished the grueling Ironman Triathlon.
  • Multiple Finisher of the Houston Marathon.
  • Hiked Portions of the Appalachian Trail.
  • Jumped out of a perfectly good airplane for fun.