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Hidden Lakes water tower

Since joining council in 2012 we have more than tripled the city’s water capacity. We added to that total this week when the new water tower went up in Hidden Lakes on the city’s east side, near Clear Falls High School.

Making these investments hasn’t been easy. When I joined council, spending and debt had skyrocketed to unsustainable levels.In fact spending had reached nearly $205 million and the city’s debt was a massive $282 million.

Over the last four years we have paid down over $40 million of that debt load while still making significant investments in our three core infrastructure needs: streets, water and drainage (sewer).

In fact, the 2017 budget makes the largest investment in the city’s core infrastructure in League City’s history, while spending less money than the previous council spent in 2012.

Yes, you read that right. Because of sound money management and conservative financial policies, the city will spend $13 million less in 2017 ($192M) than the previous council did in 2012 ($205M) while making record improvements to the city’s future without adding any new debt.

Make an investment in your future and re-elect Todd Kinsey to city council.






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