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God Bless the USA and the brave men who defend her

A 2nd Armored Cavalry base camp along the Czech border in the Fall of 1989 just before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In August of 1987 my family waited anxiously with me at the gate as I waited to board a plane taking me to U.S. Army Basic Training. I was nervous, excited and a little scared at the adventure that awaited me.

The first few days of basic training are probably the worst because regardless of how much you think you know about the military, there’s little you can do to actually prepare you for the culture shock of entering military service.

Drill sergeants fill every minute of every day with some sort of training leaving very little down time. What little down time we did have was usually spent cleaning, shining or organizing something but every once in a while we had some fun time. One thing my platoon enjoyed was listening to the radio or as our drill sergeant called it, “going to the bar.”

Going to the bar meant we could listen to the radio as long as everyone was in the push-up position, known as the front lean and rest position, with their feet elevated on a support bar of the upper bunk of our beds which was about four feet in the air.

At first these sessions would only last a minute or two but as everyone got stronger, we could usually make it through a couple of songs before guys started to drop. Drill Sergeant Heflin was the brain child of going to the bar and he had great affinity for Lee Greenwood’s beautiful anthem Proud to be an American. In fact, he liked it so much that he made the entire platoon learn the song and often made us regale our instructors with our a cappella rendition.

So for all my fellow brothers in arms, I offer you this salute.

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What will our legacy be?

Todd understands that we must fix the debt crisis so that we don’t saddle the next generation with our problems.

I think every generation worries about the legacy that they are going to leave for their kids – at least I hope they do. So I ask you, what legacy are we going to leave for our children? Are we going to have the courage to make the tough decisions and do what’s right? Or are we going to stand by and watch as the nation crumbles around us?

For far too long government at all levels have been spending our hard-earned money like they’re playing a game of Monopoly. And it’s not just happening in Washington D.C. but right here in League City too.

In the last two years alone League City has approved over $200 million in new spending causing our city’s debt to increase by an astounding 65-Percent.

We are told that all this spending is for infrastructure but the new civic center is not infrastructure. We already have a civic center which was just remodeled and yet the city saw fit to build another. The hike and bike trail is not infrastructure. I’m not opposed to a trail system but we could put in decomposed granite for a fraction of what we’re spending on concrete plus it’s a non-porous surface which won’t add to the city’s flooding problems.

These are just a few of the many examples of the out-of-control spending in League City. To fix this we have to elect people who understand that every penny that government spends was earned by someone else’s hard work.

We have to elect people who understand the difference between wants and needs.

Twenty five years ago I answered the call of freedom when I enlisted in the U.S. Army. I served my country on the Czech border and was there when the Berlin Wall fell. I also served my country on the battlefields of Desert Storm where I was awarded two medals for leadership.

I believe my country is calling me again. The great Edmund Burke once said “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

I cannot sit idly by while our country and our city are being spent into oblivion. Let’s let our legacy be that we had the courage to fix the debt crisis rather than saddling our kids with even more debt.

Together WE can do it but I need your vote on November 6th.

Thank You.

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First Responders

As a combat veteran and an honor graduate of the U.S. Army Combat Lifesaver School, I understand the critical role that first responders play during an emergency. The brave men and women of our police and fire departments risk their lives every day to protect us. As leaders, one of the most important things we can do is to ensure that our people have the necessary tools to safely perform their jobs so they can get home to their families.

I pledge that I will always provide the maximum support to our police and fire departments. While I am a firm believer in limited government, I believe government’s most basic function is to protect its citizens.

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Solving League City’s Water Supply Issue

Over the past few years our city leaders have taken steps to try and solve our city’s water supply issues, however, the paltry steps they have taken thus far amount to little more than putting band-aids on a wound that requires stitches. The fact remains that League City does not have our own supply of water. Therefore we are beholden to the Cities of Houston and Pasadena to supply water to the citizens of League City. As we have experienced on several occasions in the last year alone, when there is an issue with the pipeline between Houston and League City, the citizens of League City are the one who pay the price.

When I am elected I will utilize the relationships I have built within all levels of government; city, county, state and federal to build a coalition to attempt to bring a desalination plant to North Galveston County. I believe the perfect location for this plant would be the site of the old power plant in Bacliff, Texas or adjacent to it since the infrastructure and access to the site are already in place.

I have experience building mutually beneficial alliances and negotiating multi-million dollar contracts with government agencies, energy companies and other stakeholders. When I’m elected I promise to put this experience to work at solving League City’s biggest problem – a reliable source of water for our families.