Elect Todd Kinsey

Vision, Leadership, Values

The Issues

South Shore Harbour – Image courtesy of Marie Janke, owner of Janke & Co. Properties.

Is League City a great place to live? Yes! Can things get better? Of course.

League City’s two biggest issues past, present and future are effectively managing the city’s growth and coming up with a long-term solution to provide water for our citizens.

One need only drive around our beautiful city and see the all the empty retail space from companies that have gone out of business to see that the downturn in the economy has effected everyone. We Texans have been relatively fortunate compared to states like Florida and Nevada. You don’t have to be a detective to notice all the out-of-state license plates on our streets to know that people are coming from around the country in an effort to find prosperity again.

One of the few benefits of the recession is that it gives rapidly growing communities like League City the opportunity to evaluate what we were doing right and what we were doing wrong so we can make adjustments to our long term growth plans.

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